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Energy and Resource Conservation

AEA is primarily a healthcare energy conservation company – we help our clients lower their operating costs by effectively using their existing infrastructure to maintain current comfort levels, lower energy use needed to accomplish their mission, and accomplish all of this without any feeling of sacrifice.

Our clients are looking to save money, and AEA excels at meeting our client’s financial targets. Through our OnTrack program, we focus our work on existing central systems. By gathering building automation system data and by completing engineering surveys, we concentrate on the heating, cooling, and air circulation equipment that represent the majority of a hospital’s energy budget. Optimizing these systems typically generates savings of 8% or more without any need for capital investment or other system upgrades.

Our clients begin with the OnTrack program, then after a few years we can expand our engagements to include a broad array of resource management, capital planning, and design and construction services.

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