AEA has helped hundreds of facilities find the most cost-effective and immediate ways to optimize their energy usage since 2003.

Where We Work

AEA is based in Denver, Colorado with regional presence in Cleveland, Kansas City, New Jersey, and North Carolina. We operate in over 30 states nationwide – anywhere we are asked to be.

Who We Serve

AEA specializes in healthcare with a growing list of satisfied customers in children’s hospitals, university medical centers, and acute care facilities of all sizes. The majority of our clients are in small to medium systems of 3 to 5 and 8 to 12 hospitals, respectively, and we remain dedicated to the stand-alone hospitals as well.

Why work with AEA

Superior Pricing

AEA’s energy saving programs offer superior pricing to it’s competitors.

Engineering Expertise

AEA’s staff of professionals is well-positioned to describe current conditions, explore avenues for improvement, and anticipate the effects of unforeseen events.

Unique Tools

The NinjaBox tool and BOB tool are unique to AEA. We have manufactured these tools to gather, manage, and display data efficiently.

No Capital Required

AEA does not require that you use any capital. Instead, we find ways to use existing systems as efficiently as possible.

Nationwide Services

Our engineers go where the energy projects take them. Year-round site visits and monthly webinars ensure new saving opportunities.

Company Culture

Conscientious, Nimble, Candid, Progressive, Genuine, Calculated, and Sustainable. These are 7 principles that our employees take pride in every day.


American Energy Assets focuses on saving facilities money through non-capital projects. How do we accomplish this? Most facilities already have efficient equipment in place, the opportunity is in using these existing systems as efficiently as they were intended. AEA sends expert engineers to facilities to analyze their building automation systems.

While visiting, they conduct detailed engineering surveys, expanded BAS trending, and data analysis to find savings. AEA’s specialized tools allow clients to see exactly where their energy savings come from. They are able to compare year to year savings and see how efficient they are compared to facilities alike.

AEA is able to save hospitals tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, every year in energy costs. Making sure that facilities reach their energy savings goal is AEA’s main priority.